Arena Volunteers


Rodeo                         Date               Stock Contractor   Concessions        Start Time  

#1                                06/09/21          Justin Brown            Bullock Hall        5:30 pm

#2                                06/23/21          Colt Floyd                HC PTO               5:30 pm

#3                                07/07/21          Dustin Vining          HC AAU              5:30 pm

#4                                07/21/21          Justin Pihl                HC GBB              5:30 pm

#5 (Finals)                  07/28/21          Matt Gilbert             Catholic Church   4:00 pm

*Contractors are responsible for finding stock including goats & working the arena before & during the rodeo, and watering arena if needed.

Check in ends ½ hour before the rodeo.  Mailed in pre-entries will be $3/event/rodeo and must be mailed in by May 28th.  If you enter after that date the entries are $5/event/rodeo.  Rain Date: August 4th, 2021

Board of Directors:

Dustin Vining

Colt Floyd

CJ Wilson
Justin Brown

Casey Holmes


Secretary: Robyn Floyd & Jamie Brown
Prize/Sponsor Committee: Nichya Gunderson and Jess Routier

Assigning Groups to Have Concessions: Jaylene Stirling

Arena Cleanup including hauling out trash: Concession Hosts

Cleaning & Stocking Bathrooms: Sammie Ginsbach

EMT’s: Jen Meyer & Jessica Holmes

Photographer for group photo & awards: ReAnn Kautzman

Setting Barrels & Electric Eye: Holly Costello and Alexis McCann

Setting Poles: Barb Williams, Jaylene Stirling, & Brooklyn Williams

Holding Goats and bringing them into arena: CJ Wilson

Flags: Colt Floyd

Dummy Roping: Justin Brown 

Setting up & timing 0-4 Age Group:  Kayla Spickelmier & Kevin Rahn

Setting up & timing 5-7 Dummy Roping & Goat Tail Untying: Rob Fox & CJ Wilson

Setting up & timing 8-10 Dummy Roping & Goat Tying: Natalie Glines & Barb Williams

Large Arena Announcer: Kelly Fox

Large Arena Timer: Brandi Pihl                   

Large Arena Flagger: Dalton Hurst

Large Arena In Gate: Tami Gilbert

Large Arena Out Gate: Jackie Watson-Veal

Small Arena Flagger: Jessica Holmes & Barb Williams

Small Arena Timer: Barb Williams for goats & Carmen Gilbert for poles (electric eye)

Small Arena Gate: Cory & Tatania Verhulst

Large Arena Catch Pen Gate & Taking Ropes Off: Jesse & Kim Bail